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A game changing product research tool for Amazon sellers.

Product Research is for you if:

  • You’re new to selling on Amazon and you’re looking for a profitable product to start your Amazon business. 
  • You’re an experienced seller looking to expand your current product line and want to gain a competitive advantage over other brands.  
  • You’re an agency helping entrepreneurs start up their very own Amazon business.
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Discover high-potential products on Amazon in just a few clicks.

As easy as

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Select one or multiple categories

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Enter your search criteria and smart filters

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Hit search and discover high potential products within seconds.

Power up your Amazon product research with real data.

Start making data-driven decisions for your business with the  Esparkify product intelligence tool. Browse thousands of updated product data pulled directly from the Amazon marketplace daily. 

Real numbers and even better ideas, all displayed on a single dashboard for your convenience.

Power up your business with real data.
Smart Filters

Faster research with smart Amazon product research filters.

Save time by validating more than one product at a time. Use smart filters to narrow the search for your winning idea. 

Filter by different categories, price, rating, reviews, best seller rank, and monthly sales estimates. 

Smart Filters

Scale and grow your Amazon business.

Say bye-bye to manual inputs and excel sheets. Our intelligence software is your shortcut for product research. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on marketing your business. 

scale up

Personalized Results

Leverage combinations of smart filters to find your dream product.

Data-based Accuracy

Built on real-time and historical data directly from Amazon.

Intuitive Interface

Designed for newbie and expert Amazon sellers alike. Easy to learn, hard to master.


Streamline the research process and get results in a few seconds.

Smarter Sourcing

Discover high-potential products that actually sell.


Tailored for Amazon's biggest marketplace, Amazon.com


Yes! The Esparkify product research tool is 100% free to use while we are currently in Beta. 

The security of your data and information is our most important concern. Here at Esparkify, we have implemented concrete data protection measures in place to keep your information safe and secure.

While many Amazon product research tool out there require you to login with your Amazon seller central account so that they can access your seller ID and authorization token to “scrape” and “repackage” your data as part of their services for others, ours do not. Our tools at Esparkify are not dependant on being fed data from users, but instead extracted straight from the Amazon marketplace, which we find to be more accurate.

When you’re conducting Amazon product research and put in front of billions of products, it’s difficult to know exactly where to start. Instead of creating an excel spreadsheet and manually looking into each potential product, an Amazon product research tool enables sellers to utilize smart filters to systematically analyze products in bulk and find winning products in a few clicks. 

An Amazon product research tool enables sellers to save time by streamlining the entire research process by using real data to pinpoint exactly which products are worth selling on the Amazon marketplace. The Esparkify product research tool provides accurate sales data for millions of products and provides sellers with additional insights like market average BSR, reviews, and monthly sales to evaluate the attractiveness of different markets.

Our Esparkify software tool has an user-friendly interface that is both simple and intuitive so getting started should be easy. 

In the meantime, since we’re still in Beta, if you run into any problems with our software tool or have any suggestions or improvements you would like to see, feel free to let us know at hello@esparkify.com!

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