Our Story

Esparkify is a software platform that leverages powerful market intelligence to eliminate the guesswork when evaluating and ranking multiple products to sell on online marketplaces such as Amazon. Our tools simplify the product research process and allows anyone to stay competitive, increase profitable market share growth and manage their inventories at scale by the practice of using AI, machine learning, analytics, and automation.

Our Mission

We want to democratize access to rich and valuable data to help sellers innovate and stay above the curve. 

Think outside the box

We are constantly innovating and challenging the status quo to improve user experience and build a product that customers love. 


We want to help sellers of all levels find success in navigating around obstacles throughout their entrepreneurial journey 

Trust and transparency

We go above and beyond to help customers uncover new opportunities, support their needs, and listen to their stories. 

Meet our team

Elsa Asadian

CEO / Founder 

Lester Ko

Product Marketing

Noah C.

Software Developer

Keyann Al-Kheder

Software Developer

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