Free Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers

Validate product ideas as you browse on Amazon with the free Esparkify Chrome Extension.

Grow your business and scope out high opportunity products on the go, through the Amazon marketplace.

Free Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers

Why do Amazon sellers choose our chrome extension?

Instant Snapshot of Key
Product Metrics

Market Niche Competitive Analysis

Productivity Maximizer

Intuitive & Light-weight Amazon Seller Software

Install Esparkify Chrome Extension in 3 Simple Steps

Chrome Web Store


Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Esparkify.


Click the “Add to Chrome” found on the top right of the screen. Your download will begin.

Amazon Marketplace


Head over to the Amazon Marketplace, click the Esparkify Extension and watch it auto populate all sales-relevant data while browsing.

Instant Snapshot of Key Sales Data - Amazon Product Research

Track any item on Amazon and populate product insights instantly in one click. Identify new selling opportunities by comparing key performance indicators like price, ratings, reviews, BSR, and monthly sales estimates directly from Amazon to find your next winning product. 

Esparkify Product Research Snapshot
Esparkify Market Competitive Analysis

Market Niche Competitive Analysis

Evaluate consumer demand and determine if the niche you are researching is worth getting into with insightful market metrics like average market BSR scores, average number of reviews, and overall market sales.

Esparkify Market Competitive Analysis

Time Saver & Productivity Maximizer

No more Alt+Tabbing to toggle between tools. Conduct in-depth product research on the page as you browse search results on the Amazon Marketplace.

Esparkify Intuitive Amazon Seller Software

Intuitive & Light-weight Amazon Seller Software​

Simple design layout to easily compare and contrast data to draw conclusions on product attractiveness. A small tool for doing big things, using only real data. 

Esparkify Intuitive Amazon Seller Software


The Esparkify Chrome Extension is a software that you can download from the Google Chrome Web Store to evaluate product opportunities as you browse the Amazon Marketplace, making product research quick and easy. 

The Esparkify Chrome Extension is designed for both new and experienced Amazon sellers.

The Esparkify Chrome Extension is designed to help Amazon sellers conduct preliminary product research by enabling sellers to sift through millions of products on the Amazon marketplace while they browse. While the Esparkify Chrome Extension excels in providing a quick overview, the product research tool on the other hand gives a complete analysis of each product to help sellers make the final call on whether or not they should pursue a product. 

At this current time, our Esparkify Chrome Extension only supports the US Amazon Marketplace (Amazon.com). In the coming future, we also plan to expand to other marketplaces as well. 

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