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Product Research

Level up your Amazon product research game and discover winning ideas with smart filters. Filter by different category, price, rating, review, best seller rank, and monthly sales. 

Chrome Extension

Validate Amazon product potential as you browse. Instantly extract key insights straight from the product page on Amazon. No more going back and forth between tools.

Keyword Research

Discover high-converting keywords or leverage our reverse-ASIN feature and gain insight into your competitors keyword strategy to optimize your own product listing.

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Chrome Extension - Amazon Marketplace
Keyword Research Tool for Amazon product listing

Whatever your size, we're the right fit.

Starting Amazon Seller

Starting Amazon Seller

Our tools provide the building blocks to set up your own profitable Amazon business. From finding to listing your first product, we have your back every step of the way

Seasoned Seller

Seasoned Amazon Seller

Scaling and maintaining your competitive edge just got easier. Leverage our reverse-ASIN feature to spy on your competitors keyword strategy and develop a game plan to stand out on top.  

Brand and Agency

Brand or Agency

Use our up-to-date database to understand where your brand stand against your competitors. Explore your market by keeping up with category and segment trends to uncover hidden niches. 


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Powered By Real Data

Access up-to-date sales data extracted straight from Amazon and filter out poor performing products in a few clicks.

All-In-One Dashboard

Consolidate all your key findings onto a single dashboard. Then compare, analyze, and connect the dots to develop a holistic strategy.

Save Time And Money

Increase productivity by up to 50% by allowing our intelligence software to do the heavy lifting. Gone are the days of manual research.

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Let's get started




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